Network Analyst

Network Analysts Responsibilities

Analysts are involved in designing, improving, and deploying computer networks. They must install, configure, and upgrade system networks on a daily basis to provide that they are functioning properly. They have to analyze and resolve the technical problems that may arise in the established network systems.

Network Analysts maintain network security, gather and analyze the data to detect issues efficiently. They will then troubleshoot and fix the misbehaving network related connections.

The job description of analysts also requires them to be responsible for using the latest and best possible technologies to develop and design the network systems. They need to perform maintenance and monitor data servers, mail servers, firewalls, routers, anti-virus systems, and security appliances, and so on.

Analysts also research and evaluate network infrastructures and make suggestions for purchasing of network equipment. They will also work to integrate the internet and phone systems at the help desk to make it convenient for the staff to handle inquiries better. Analysts monitor the installation of the networks and then test and assess to find out if they are functioning well. Following that, they train all personnel to make sure that they are properly used.

In addition to the above, analysts need to be responsible for safeguarding network and data security, must possess extensive knowledge of various applications, including switching, routing, spam filtering, web servers, server clustering, virtual private network (VPN), local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), internets, intranets, and many more. During critical times, they must work with vendors to resolve the acute problems of a network.
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